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Today at work I faced again, as many other times, the power of backchat. I could see myself allowing it to grow by justifying it through my righteousness, but now I can clearly see that backchat is the way of the coward. It cannot be justified.

I had an issue with my work colleague where he pushed us to do unnecessary work. I could see real motivations behind his actions but I wasn’t sure how to tell him that and instead remained “quite”. In that moment separation happened – between the inner mind as backchat and the externally spoken words. In fear I kept quiet. I didn’t want to speak the actual mind telling what I see but tried to manipulate the situation in other ways.

Eventually through the backchat I could hardly speak to him at all, because the backchat was creating energetic experience within me. The experience of “pissed off” was taking me more and more into inner conversations about what is right and how unfair and stupid the guy is.

So the point here was to calm myself down completely, breathe and not allow the thoughts to run rampantly. When I faced the guy a few minutes later in the kitchen I forced myself to communicate, as the backchat was already advanced and was hindering normal communication, I pushed to speak and I managed pretty well – in this situation I explained that the work he asks us to do is not practical. He agreed and the situations calmed down.

So what happened in this moment is that I simply palliated the situation but haven’t gone to the core of the problem. Within homeopathy, which I study at the moment, there is a curative and palliative effect. Palliative basically means – making the symptoms subside for some time.

The question I ask myself – can we allow as humans to give ourselves more time by not addressing the real issues where we still try to balance out the conflicting forces of the mind, thus keeping the perceived stability.  But then when we really look there is no stability and no balance  – evil is winning.

So it’s my responsibility to act and stop – firs the evil within me – as the backchat

and just learn to talk the “bad news” directly without fear and self-interest

visit Desteni to learn how to become self-directive being that is able to stand here, stable, unwavering and determined  to always do what is best for all.


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I work on a sea platform that is able to accommodate around 200 people, but usually there are just over 100 people on board. So, for the last two weeks I have been observing this environment there and looking at the issue of waste that is produced. I looked what kind of waste is produced, what are the amounts of waste and within that also what could be done to reduce or eliminate it.

Running ahead I just want to say that it is bad and also the fact that nobody gives a fuck makes things even more sad. It’s not only the industry that is in itself full of shit but it’s also the people who simply do not care about it.

Being around people there and seeing what they do, what they talk about, what they exist as – is quite a gloomy picture. It’s the same thoughts and behaviors over and over and over again. If you’ve heard the expression –programmed robots – have no doubt that this is who we have become. Still being a robot one could have been programmed to be a responsible creation and to care for life – but that certainly wasn’t the goal of the programmers. There exists no consideration for what is here as our physical reality as the the earth, water, other human beings etc.

It’s very obvious that the real problem is our minds – our thoughts, feeling and emotions – because we regard them more important than the physical reality where we actually live in and as. It is very unfortunate that not many people consider the physical reality to be of much importance – it’s just used and abused to provide fuel for the mind machine. And this machine just doesn’t want to realize that it’s here only thanks to the physical.

Ok back to the waste topic – so first I looked into the kitchen. I found that at the end of the day all food that is left is just thrown away. And I have noticed that the cooks put themselves on the safe side when preparing food where they make sure there is no lack. So that obviously leads to a lot of food being wasted.

So clearly in this scenario a solution could be found where one simply could do a better calculation by simply adding the numbers and making better predictions about the eating patterns and the amount of food necessary.

These same pattern I have noticed with mixing paint for example, where people again make sure they are on the safe side and which means about 50 % of paint has to be thrown away. And again math here.

Paper cups. Wow – that thing is extremely abused. One person uses about 20 or more cups a day. So when we again do the math at the end of the day it’s big. The cleaning staff is very effective and people never get to see the accumulative effects of this waste.

Plastic is the winner and now after seeing this wastefulness I am not surprised that we have this plastic island floating in the ocean.

“Plastic will be the undoing of man” Bernard Poolman         

All this makes me wonder how we humans are still here and how much more abuse can our earth handle?

Looking at the bigger picture it’s obvious that this cannot go on much longer – something will happen and that something is not a pretty picture. It’s a very diseased picture where the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink no longer nourishes us but kills us. That is exactly where we are going and many people are already experiencing this where their bodies are simply decaying with all kinds of diseases against which we are powerless.

And that will escalate to the point where we simply die out as the human species or there is another choice – we take the directive control of our lives and stop the abuse that we do and change it into actions that support life

The solution is already created – Equal Money System takes all points into consideration and makes sure the life is restored. Join us


Read the freedom blogs and learn more about the reality you live in.

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I have had a few experiences here at work that eventually pushed me into using deodorant and other chemicals. My collegues made remarks about the way i smell – i had immense reaction intially, somehow i was very sensitive about this topic. I was standing very strong on this issue where i was comitted to not use any chemicals on my body if i do not know what they are made of and what effect they have on my body. And yes i was able to live like that, naturally “stinking”, in my home environment without creating any friction.

But when i started my job in the system i had to face other people and all these socially acepptable rules they live by. After receiving the first comments of dissatisfied people nearby i noticed that i wasn’t aware of how i smell at all. So that was cool notification because from there i began to train my nose to smell my surroundings – it seemed that i have forgotten this sense completely. After some weeks of awareness i started seeing the reality around me – people really stink and they really make sure they smell good. “A working man’s sweat” in the past used to be something to be proud of and now it’s something to hide behind nine laeyrs of deodorant and what not. i don’t even know what other means there are to hide ones stink. Whatever it is the industry has made sure the image is protected from what is really here.

So i found in my investigation that most influential factors in the way the body produced its odour was the type food and the levels of supression. It was obviuos that the food i am eating at work was producing much stronger and more acidic smell – most probably indicating the way this food is produced and prepared. It is not a secret how many chemicals are used in our food production. So, at home i was mostly eating food that was still made in more natural ways thus the body did not have much toxins to realease and the smell thus was more neutral. So I started using my body smell to chose the food i eat and just investigate what types of food have better effect on my body. Still, whatever i did i couldn’t neutralize it completely and eventually had to employ the assistance of deodorants – people were getting angry. And i saw as well that my resistance was creating supression and thus adding to the levels of acidity in my body.

So for now i have to use the system tools, like deodorants to release all supressions, become more comfortable in my expression – stop the friction. I looked at it from the perspective of acceptance and being equal to the chemicals round me – they can do no harm to my body. But then still within hours where i don’t have to present myself, in moments when i am alone i do not use any such shit and i see how my body responds to these added chemicals, and released suppression in this case. Investigation ongoing.

Here i suggest read very cool article on how the smells are used in our system to control our decisions, how it is applied to present us with unreal pictures to deceive us and distract from what is actually here.


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“He is a good guy”

At work I hear this phrase frequently when people talk about other people. My question here is: can you have a more useless conversations after that kind of statement? I fail big time to participate in this game of sweeping opinions. What I do is simply go into breathing….and I hope that all will end right here – where we can observe, in silence, the world around us and hopefully see that it’s definitely not a creation of good guys.

Still people have their opinions and often feel the need to talk them out – considering, unfortunately, everything from the starting point only of self alone. That SELF is the conglomerations of ideas about the world and what is good and bad, what is important and what not, the values and principles that guide one’s life. Based on that people take another being and compare them – whether there is a match – and if there is – BINGO, we have a winner – the good guy.

Within all that what is missed is the WHOLE – where everything is not taken into consideration, every possible action and every possible consequence of that action. Does the “good guy” act in a way that is best for ALL life – or – are his actions serving only a limited space and group of people (also the space in which the speaker of the phrase is included). If only a small group is served – in that way separation is created and here outflows the inequality. Inequality creates duality and here we have the haves and have nots – basically struggle begins – to get to the good side – where life is easier, where interest are served well, where there is no starvation, no abuse, no violence, no rape, war, murder, where we can exist comfortably and blissfully calling each other “good guys” ignoring the rest of the “bad” part of the world.

It’s best to stop and redefine the “good guy” into a being that always acts in the interest of ALL LIFE  no matter what. Now we can talk

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Today I am arriving to my workplace, where, again, I am spending my next two weeks. I am not looking forward for that time, but – it’s all about money – as the people in my work say all the time. When I look, I haven’t  met a person there yet who would enjoy the work he/she is doing. Everybody is just “doing their time” and then going home to try and get as much pleasure as possible before the time comes to “put your ass on the table” again.

Last time when i was arriving with helicopter to my sea platform I met a woman, who works as a nutritionist and was there to investigate the living conditions of people. And the reason for that was – many people working on the platform do not pass the medical test.

So the girl stayed on the platform for a day, talking to people, observing the working and leisure activities. Her main concern was the food and eating habits. At the end of her stay i talked to her and asked about her findings, observations, maybe conclusions. She said that talking to people she found that majority experience a “roller-coaster ride” regarding food and eating. While staying on the platform for two weeks people are gaining weight and then during another two weeks on shore they lose it. So it is a continuous cycle. Another thing is that people have no idea about healthy food and healthy ways of eating. She was disturbed when she saw during dinner time the amount and varieties of food people are able to stuff into themselves in one sitting. I have observed that myself and it’s really disastrous what people make their bodies go through. It’s never about – what is goof and supportive for my body – but only – what I like.

So, in the end it’s really important to go through the process of “I to make sure that – what “I” like – is equally the same with – what is good/supportive to my body. Withing this process discipline is required to remove all aggravating habits, no matter how deeply engraved into one’s personality, to again be able to feel the joy and clarity within one’s healthy body. This is the process of going back in touch with your physical reality – the only reality that determines all your experiences.

I can tell from my own experience that it is possible to reprogram self. It is possible to stop habits that are harmful, to stop constant craving “to get another bite” and simply enjoy the simple things that are supportive for you as your body.

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Stopping blame

Yesterday I had an interesting day at work.

The whole day was quite intense and here I want to share the end of it. We are three people in the crew and one of our usual guys got an injury some days ago and was released from duty. Therefore we get new guys to fill the position all the time and we have to teach them very quickly all the ins and outs of working specificity. To do that in the morning or during the day when there is not much work is no challenge because i am still full of strenght and vigor to explains and show how things work —  but when we had an extremely intense evening combined with this new guy routine – that’s what led me to the braking point. Yet this brake down is not a bad experience, it was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed it.

The evening began with me already feeling very weak and tired – and then shit just started adding up in minutes. Everything was going wrong – and every time to get out of the moment of mess i had to do a double job, to go back and correct mistakes. Worthless to mention the new guy wasn’t helping. My mind was racing and tried to put the blame on someone, the new guy actually – because it’s the weakest and closest point to blame. But at the same time I was catching myself in every moment, knowing the stupidity of the thing called blame. So i just continued to do what I possibly could and tried to stay in control. Still things were going down and at some point I just sat down on the ground, giving up completely –  and here something happened.

I looked at the new guy and I saw him. He was all sweaty from all the work load, but still there was smile on his face. And i, somehow quickly jumped into his shoes, which wasn’t difficult because just a few months ago i was there, and there I saw what he was going through. That changed everything, in that moment all my attention shiften from myself towards that guy. It was a very cool change where some form of real and caring communication is born. I asked him how is he dealing with all this pressure, because i assumed that for him it must have been quite a change from where he came. But amazingly he was very satisfied about all the physical activity that he got because that’s good for his weight reduction and health 🙂 I laughed with him in that moment all the tension of the day was released and the rest of the evening was just an easy floating – with much more awareness and consideration for my surroundings.

Moto of the day – Just keeping away from all the emotions not allowing any thoughts to influence the real physical interactions between me and my collegues at work. Keeping the work environment enjoyable, as an example of true companionship and team work.

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I sit here for 5 minutes already trying to find a point that i want to write about. I breathe and see into myself – what is here. My work. THE work.

There is big difference between having to work and not having to work. When i didn’t have a job i was just studying whatever interests me, i was reading constantly material that is diected towards self honesty, material that was exposing all aspects of our deceptive lives, material that was freeing me from all my accepted limitations.

Yet no matter what i did I still faced my real limittion – the need for money. So today – i work 12 hours a day and I find myself in a bit different situation. It’s different environment – environment that reflects nothing of what I stand for -thus i must stand here in every moment reminding myself why I am here and what i have to do.

I definitely stand for an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM that would ensure people have enough time to look at themselves without fear and concern about surviving another day. A system that ensures relationships are based on TRUE cooperation between people and not forced groupings for the reasons of self interest.

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