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The prophecy is a LIE. For many people it will take another 11 months to realize this.

The question to ask is why are people so much inclined into believing this made up story? Some years ago I was myself trapped into this belief and would repeat constantly this “fact” to most people I would meet. I used it especially in my family environment. Now when looking back I see that I was using this idea as a form excuse to not take self-responsibility for my life. At that was living in my mother’s house completely dependent on her and naturally I liked this style of living. Yes, I was constantly pushed by my family to get out into the system and find myself a job. Yet I never saw the need to do it, I did not see any purpose in doing it because apparently not much time is left here on earth for as all and so it’s better to spend it just chilling out and preparing self for the inevitable end. And that is exactly what I was doing – I was just searching for my “higher self”, whom I will apparently meet during the ascension of 2012.

So that belief was serving me, as a freeriding personality, quite well. I missed completely the bigger picture – which when taken into consideration shows that this form of self-abdication is very destructive. I am sure that those who are in power on this earth do not mind having people like that, people who are completely disinterested in what is happening around and who simply accept status quo.

It is amazing how many people are missing the reality through existing in their mind alternative realities, created from numerous sources, hoping they will be in a better future which by the way never comes, simply because the reality and what is actually here always wins. So it is important to learn to make the distinction between what is actually here and real and what are simply ideas created from hope and desire and personal inclinations. People attempt really hard to fulfill their ideas and surely sometimes they succeed if their actions are based on real actions that have been calculated and performed within the parameters of what is here in reality, but the idea of transcending this reality based on a prophecy of someone sometime – come on, really – it’s time to really stop oneself and re-evaluate the perception of reality and align that perception.

In order to start self-education there is no better place as the Desteni, which is a group of people who are actually interested and devoted to sorting out the bullshit of this existence that we all exist in and as. It takes real guts to really look at oneself in self-honesty and admit and see that who we were so far was detrimental for life and that we must actually change ourselves from the core of our being.

Learn more about the process of self-change at www.desteni.org


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hello from hellideck – that’s where i spend most of my time these days, it’s a place where hellicopters land on the sea platform and i am there to meet them and make sure they are ready to continue their journey by giving them fuel and leading the passangers in, etc. So basically i am just making sure the oil industry at sea continues its business as usual and i get my little share in cash. I maintain a healthy hatred towards the job, making sure that with first opportunity arising i move on to doing something that is more supportive for myself, where i can grow in skill and understanding.

In this blog i wanted to write about relationship dynamics that i have faced here and how i am dealing with them. there was a guy here on the platform who was a real pain in the ass for me for a bout two weeks, spending a lot of time with him i developed multiple mindfucks, because somehow he knew all my buttons where and how to push them. I am sure many people have these buttonpushers around them.

Luckily for me, i am an SRA student and at that time we were doing the Mind Constructs on people that influence your life. So i saw the point immediately and decided to expose this specific influence, to understand it and eliminate it. In the process of doing the Mind Construct the guy left and i haven’t seen him for a long time – until yesterday 🙂 My examination day so to speak where i can test the effectiveness of my application.

I already knew beforehand that he is coming and that i will have to face that face again. i was curious with bits of anxiety to meet him. And now i can say that this guy is a real gift for me – he is still the same as he was – but not me, i changed from being reactive to being still and responsive. Now i am excited to have him around because his presence simply forces me to remain in the breath and watch everything that comes within and without. I already know where my unawareness can get me thus i am even more cautious to not allow any thoughts, judgment or ideas to form around the point again. So, basically i am very satisfied with my change and ability to direct these moment which were equal to hell just a while ago. This gives me confidence to face all other situations that i enter in life and perceive as difficult – now there is a knowing that the shift is possible, with the right tools and perseverence we can chage ourselves and the world around us. 

So if you have same or similar issues in you life where people give you hell sometimes and you don’t see a way out – listen! there is a way out – DESTENI I PROCESS will direct and empower you to change your reality into an environment that serves you. Don’t wait


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Here I want to share some of my experiences since arriving to South Africa, Desteni Farm.  It’s been already a couple of days since I am here and so far I haven’t written about it. That’s because in my inner world and how I experience myself almost no change is observable and thus I don’t really know what to write about. As if there was expectation of some big change that was supposed to happen magically upon my arrival. The only change is that now I realize that there are no magic changes and that I have to change myself in every day application no matter where I am. There is no one who will uplift you magically without you doing anything. That’s is a good realization bringing me closer to equality where everyone has to work equally to change the world, without anyone being higher than any other. So, aside all illusions, I remain here with all my shit that I have to look at and sort out, myself. The only real difference for me here is that I have now plenty of time to look at myself within environment that is very suitable for this in every way.

So far animals are the main joy and assistance for me. I have spent a lot of time with the dogs. There are many of them here and many of them are always ready to play and show you what it means to be unconditional. The first day when I arrived one of the dogs, Timeless, wasn’t too friendly and was barking a lot upon seeing me, yet the next day she came to me with her toy inviting me to play with her. I soon learned that she is a Tireless player. No matter how many times you throw the ball she will chase it every time with the same speed and agility as if it’s the first time. So, just in one day I learned from her how to be consistent, extremely patient and always remain focused.

So, currently being here I am simply allowing myself to just rest a few days, without pushing myself too hard. Just becoming stable within the new environment, learning how community lifestyle operates and becoming an equal member. I am enjoying the early mornings with horses where I was introduced immediately and trained specifically by Rozelle. She agreed to take this task of introducing me to the horse life that is almost all new to me, so I am grateful to her for that.

Ok, I will write more later.

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