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Since I started working in the system I was dealing extensively with my resistances. I was stuck in my fears and insecurities and was unable to communicate with people around me. I judged a lot what was happening here and thus I shut myself down living completely inside myself projecting/superimposing new reality on top of what is here. This obviously created extensive separation and thus inability to deal with what is actually here. I did not want to follow the rules that were here because they were restricting who “I am”.

Now within Desteni it is clearly expressed that we as human beings have to take responsibility for every part of existence realizing and understanding that we must bring all parts – good and bad – back to ourselves and thus close the gap of separation – only here is the power to live effectively and possibility of change. So it took some time and some hard knocks to integrate this knowledge and live it. And I am still in the process of accepting and bringing all me’s back together.

The real change started happening only after a few visits to the Desteni farm where I was faced with my ideals and delusions about what reality is. In the end I realized that reality is very simple – what is here is here and it’s completely useless to try and make it something that it is not, something that I wish it would be. That is energy based approach that our spiritualists use – where they project positivity within their environments believing that this will change anything. Here they fail at the most basic understanding of the mind physics and the law of consequence. They don’t understand that participating within positive polarity they are already digging a hole for themselves where they eventually face the negative. It’s the same as being a Ping-Pong ball bouncing back and forth without any real understanding what the fuck is happening here.

So after my stay at the farm was finished I headed straight back to the system and my work where now I am stopping all my judgments as either positive or negative, good or bad, but simply seeing what is here, seeing how it is here and seeing how can I move myself towards the direction that supports me best.  That immediately opened many new doors and I started seeing many opportunities that I was unable to see before, yet they were always here. My communication changed extensively because now I can deal with real reality and not with my projections/superimpositions. Surely within that I have to “compromise” myself where I have to communicate with beings that are existing in total ignorance and who speak complete bullshit yet through my acceptance/nonresistance I am able to respond effectively and actually find ways and direct this shit towards some, even the smallest realizations for them and of course for me because I get to understand how the mind functions and practice the methods of “cracking the code”. It’s just a matter of remaining focused, never losing the sight of the real message which basically comes through constant self-application within writing, reading blogs/watching vlogs of other fellow travelers, and of course Desteni I process that improves and brings me deeper into the understanding of the foundation of the mind systems that I exist in and as – it is an imperative part of process as it keeps me in track and helps to realign my approach, which sometimes can get distorted through many different influences that “disturb the stability of water”


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