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At work while communicating with my colleague we entered the topic of competition. It was in relation to sport. I could see within me, during and after the conversation, that I wasn’t clear about the issue and that caused the conversation to be pure exchange of knowledge points that me and him had on the issue. It was amazing to see how I am simply repeating information that I have read or heard somewhere without understanding myself all ins and outs of how it actually works thus putting myself in a situation where I am not able to respond effectively and have a normal conversation.

Now I see how writing out and clearing points for myself is an imperative part of developing ability to effectively respond to any kind of situation that comes into my world. So whenever I come across an issue, during a conversation with another or when watching a TV or observing something somewhere I should be able to have a clear standing point where I see and understand the mechanics of any given point as well as the direction that must be taken for the implementation of a solution. It is so obvious to me now that writing is the most crucial tool to organize things within self where I develop a structure and understanding about the system we all live in.

So while we were talking about competition my friend claimed that that it is a good thing and he enjoyed that during his years while participating in sports. To this I responded that he is not seeing the consequential outflows of allowing the competition to exist – neither did I. I was talking from knowledge. Unacceptable!

So let me make this clear for myself – so that I could speak being one and equal to the words coming out of my mouth.


As defined in dictionary: Competition is an event in which persons or teams compete; a match, a contest, a trial of ability.

So that in itself is not a bad thing, it does not have any positive or negative polarity attached to it. It is simply a physical act where we can check where do we stand within our abilities, which is a really a cool thing because within that we can see what are our strengths and weaknesses, what still needs to be improved or corrected. It can be a process of growth and self-enjoyment while interacting together with other beings.

So yes, to some extent that did exist when I was still involved in sport in my younger years. However at some point in time things started changing and within myself I began to feel this unpleasant feeling every time I had to compete with my opponents. So the question is what has changed and why I was getting more and more nervous within this simple act of checking my abilities with another person.

Now I can see that eventually what happened is that my starting point within competing has changed. It went from simple enjoyment to winning. And it all happened through simple conditioning by people around me – where each time that I won a match I would be rewarded with positive feedback as praise, flattery, congratulations or compliments. So within that I have accepted and allowed all this to turn into positive feelings within me, a sense of satisfaction. Basically it’s the feeling that fucked me – I entered the polarity, I entered the “game” of “life” and accepting this game I accepted the rules of this game, I accepted that from now on I will feel bad and miserable whenever I fail to win.

In my years of participating in sports I have seen many times where children after losing the match within competitions start crying from disappointment or they express a lot of anger where they beat themselves up for not being the winner. Fucking sad, but not because they lost but because this behavior is nourished by their parents or coaches or sometimes peer pressure. To be the winner, to succeed, to be happy is the motto of this reality. It’s the key to survival. And so we design ourselves to be selfish bastards that do not consider another but by all means tries to win in all areas of life. Here is a cool quote I found:

When a child is born, there is no thinking yet. Thinking develops through observation and interaction and cloning of examples and gets shaped by those influential in a child’s life. Thinking only emerge once it is physically integrated and automated. This automation implies acceptance of all the child comes in contact with. Then the child develop the conscious mind as presentation of self, the subconscious mind as the secret self where all presentations are planned and the unconscious mind, that which become the acceptance of the world system as it is. Before long the child is just another adult and the sins of the fathers and mothers has become the children so that they may transfer it again to their children. And the Bible say you must honor your father and your mother? If the evidence clearly show that the world is the result of education at home? Are we that blind or is it just brainwashing? – Bernard Poolman

So as a solution we, I mean those who can see behind this layer of brainwashing, have to stop the old patterns of behavior and teach our children and surely the misdirected parents that it’s not necessary to fight for the right to life. We can all actually be winners if we just change the rules within this reality. Equal Money System is here to ensure that all are provided equally and that the fear of survival disappears from our minds forever giving us the space to start seeing and considering each other as fellow travelers within this planet earth and not enemies with whom we have to compete for survival.


Here is an interview explaining the design of competition in much more detail

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