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Today at work I faced again, as many other times, the power of backchat. I could see myself allowing it to grow by justifying it through my righteousness, but now I can clearly see that backchat is the way of the coward. It cannot be justified.

I had an issue with my work colleague where he pushed us to do unnecessary work. I could see real motivations behind his actions but I wasn’t sure how to tell him that and instead remained “quite”. In that moment separation happened – between the inner mind as backchat and the externally spoken words. In fear I kept quiet. I didn’t want to speak the actual mind telling what I see but tried to manipulate the situation in other ways.

Eventually through the backchat I could hardly speak to him at all, because the backchat was creating energetic experience within me. The experience of “pissed off” was taking me more and more into inner conversations about what is right and how unfair and stupid the guy is.

So the point here was to calm myself down completely, breathe and not allow the thoughts to run rampantly. When I faced the guy a few minutes later in the kitchen I forced myself to communicate, as the backchat was already advanced and was hindering normal communication, I pushed to speak and I managed pretty well – in this situation I explained that the work he asks us to do is not practical. He agreed and the situations calmed down.

So what happened in this moment is that I simply palliated the situation but haven’t gone to the core of the problem. Within homeopathy, which I study at the moment, there is a curative and palliative effect. Palliative basically means – making the symptoms subside for some time.

The question I ask myself – can we allow as humans to give ourselves more time by not addressing the real issues where we still try to balance out the conflicting forces of the mind, thus keeping the perceived stability.  But then when we really look there is no stability and no balance  – evil is winning.

So it’s my responsibility to act and stop – firs the evil within me – as the backchat

and just learn to talk the “bad news” directly without fear and self-interest

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